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The Advantage of Damping Spring in Vibrating Screen

A damping spring is considered one of the important component in a vibrating screen as it functions to reduce the vibration impact of a vibrating screen produced by the vibration motor. Continue reading to know more about its advantage!

Besides that, the damping spring is used to control the amplitude of the vibrating screen and helps to reduce the energy consumption of the vibrating screen. Generally, most of the damping spring is made of galvanized spring steel. Hence, it is flexible and resistant to rust. Damping spring also has a relatively long lifespan.

Usually, the screening efficiency of the vibratory screen is related with the spring’s performance. Better spring performance often lead to better screening efficiency. Therefore, you may find these information below useful when choosing a damping spring.

  1. The design and sizes of a damping spring needs to suit the types of materials used, the quantity of materials used and the working condition of the vibrating screener as well.
  2. Whenever rubber spring is used, the degree of contact between the metal and the rubber needs to be take note of in order to prevent surface adhesive stress.

vibration spring


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