vibrating screen machine

Analyze Reason And Solution For Unable to Start The Vibrating Screen Machine

vibrating screen machine

In the process of vibrating screen machine use,maybe we encounter the following can’t be normal start, Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. technicians according to the daily work of possible problems and solutions to do the following summary,we hope these information is helpful for you:

  1. The normal operation of the voltage is 380v three-phase electric,please make sure that you are using a three-phase power supply.
  2. The motor is damaged,which need to replace the motor.
  3. The control circuit of the electrical components damage,it’s need to replace the electrical components.
  4. Voltage is insufficient,we can be solved by changing the power supply.
  5. Vibrating screen surface material accumulation is too much,we need to clear the screen surface materials.
  6. Vibrator malfunction,repair vibrator to troubleshoot.
  7. Grease thicken agglomerate vibrator,we need to clean the vibrator,update add grease.

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