Application of vibrating screen in food industry


Vibrating screen is a highly efficient screening machines used in the food industry.It mainly has the advantages of high precision fine powder,easy operation and fully closed structure.

Vibrating screen also suitable for granular,powder,mucus and other materials selection and selection of classification,such as powdered sugar,starch,salt,rice flour,milk powder,milk,egg,soy sauce, vinegar,fruit juice,papaya powder,green tea powder,puerarin powder,potato processing production.

In daily life,the above materials are often screening,vibrating screen will be our good helper.

For example:take starch or rice powder,in the first step,we usually remove the raw material.Then screening and impurities of weighing.The next steps include soaking,coarse grinding,germ separation,fine grinding,starch screening,protein separation,centrifugal dehydration and constant temperature drying box,the final step is weighing and packing of the products.

In these steps,if there is no vibrating screen,we are dealing with these foods will face great difficulties.Because of the vibrating screen in screening of fine material exist such advantage,which will bring our food diversification and help the whole food industry rapid development.

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