Vibrating Screen

The Application in The process of Vibrating Screen in Feed Production


In the process of feed processing,to clean up the impurity in the raw materials in the cleaning section should be targeted with appropriate screening equipment,vibrating screen surface specification and screening technology.Mainly on the basis of raw material and geometric size of the difference of vibration screen surface impurities screening.Different kinds of feed ingredients contains impurities,particle size is different.

Vibrating Screen

Including grain and meal raw material. There are mainly two categories:

  • The impurity is bigger than grain particle size,contains impurities is more complex.Such as stones,corn cobs,hemp,straw,hemp rope,plastic,etc.;
  • Smaller particle size of soiland sand.

The current feed mills drum screen is the most common grain cleaning equipment,its characteristic is large output,low power consumption,high rate of major noise free,which can amount to   99%,but it cannot remove smaller than the grain size of soil and sand.


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