Gyratory vibrating screen

What are the applications and characteristics of PXZS type gyratory vibrating screen?

Gyratory vibrating screen

The applications of PXZS type gyratory vibrating screen:

Gyratory vibrating screen can be used for large-scale screening and grading, it can be widely used in grain, food,chemical,sugar,salt,mining,paper and other industries of raw materials and finished products to screen.

The characteristics of PXZS type gyratory vibrating screen:

1. Compact structure,appearance is neat and beautiful;

2. Stable and reliable in work,easy operation and maintenance;

3. The machine using the special way of balance(Balance is equipped with eccentric blocks)makes the gyratory vibrating screen in every direction of inertial force during the process of screening can complete balance,as a result little vibration,low noise,smooth operation.

Gyratory vibrating screen combined advantage with circular motion,ellipse motion and reciprocating linear motion,which is designed gyratory screen surface cleaning device,so it have large output,high screening efficiency,small consumption.

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