Coal circular vibrating screen

Coal Circular Vibrating Screen Structure and The Five Characteristics

Coal circular vibrating screen do circular motion,which is a kind of multilayer,high efficiency new type of vibration screen.

Coal circular vibration sieve structure mainly consists of screen box,vibrator,hanging (or supporting)device and motor,etc.Motor through the triangle belt,drive vibrator of spindle,due to the vibrator unbalance weight on the centrifugal force effect,make the vibrating screen box.Change the vibrator eccentric,different amplitudes can be obtained.

Operation:the vibrator motor through the triangle eccentric block produced high-speed rotation. Produce very big centrifugal force of eccentric shaft,stimulate the screen box produce certain amplitude of circular motion,oversize material in the tilted screen by screen box to the impulse of the continuous casting movement,material meet with vibrating screens surface in the process of making less thanscreen hole particles through sieve, so as to realize classification.

Coal circular vibrating screen


  1. Using eccentric shaft as vibration force,vibration force is strong;
  2. The vibratingsievebeam and screen box adopts high strength bolt connection,without welding;
  3. The machine has simple structure,convenient maintenance;
  4. The tire coupling,flexible coupling, smooth operation;
  5. High screening efficiency,large capacity,long service life.

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