The Component Part And Feature Of Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular Vibrating Screen is a equipment which has many types and is used widely.Generally used coal ,mining ,power ,structure material ,light industry and chemical industry ,drying&wetting classification  kinds of particle and small bulk loose solid.

Generally ,Circular Vibration sieve can be composed of following parts:

  • Vibrating box-screen box.
  • Vibration isolation -group of support spring (seat-type installation)or spring hanger (hanging information).
  • Power device -single shaft exciter .
  • Driving device -asynchronous motor.
  • Related accessory .

Because of the track of screen ,making material continuously turn and loose on the screen .So there are some features about Circular Vibrating Sifter.

  • Fine particle can move to bottom of layer and be discharged by screen mesh.
  • Material in the sifter mesh can jump,in Oder to preventing block screen pore.
  • Higher screening separation efficiency.
  • Can change screen incline angle ,thus changing material movement speeding along screen surface ,improving handing capacity of sifter.

Circular Vibrating Screen

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