Vibrating Screen

Compound Fertilizer Vibrating Screen Using The Sealing Ring

In this industry of compound fertilizer vibrating screen,there are many necessary accessories is not to replace,in every part of the compound fertilizer vibrating screen equipment are less essential,then I said is a simple compound fertilizer vibrating screen under the inside of the sealing ring and sealing skin.

Vibrating Screen

Sealing ring is indispensable parts in compound fertilizer vibration screens,seal commonly used into the U and V type,which is mainly used to lash rack with dust cover,sealing ring is in order to better sealing compound fertilizer,the connection of the vibrating screen box to prevent leakage of material,at the same time reduce the destructive force of the compound fertilizer vibrating screen to screen in vibration.

Seal commonly made of rubber seal,silicone seal and polyurethane sealing ring three no specialr

equirements on the marking machine is equipped with rubber sealing ring;silicone and polyurethane sealing ring is mainly used for materials with special properties,such as high temperature,oil,corrosive materials,etc.According to these special materials,ping mine machinery warm remind you:in the choose and buy is compound fertilizer vibration screen machine also should pay attention to choose the filter material is more suitable for you seal,if seal choice is not good,in use process has no intention to increase your spending equipment wearing parts.



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