Circular vibrating screen

Daily Maintenance Of Circular Vibrating Screen

The circular vibrating screen produced by PK machinery with the features of high capacity, structure reasonable, high stiffness, running reliable, low noise, easy to maintain etc. Regular maintenance can effectively improve the service life of the circular vibrating sieve and save cost. So, daily maintenance is very important for circular vibrating sifter, we should pay more attention on it:

  1. Check and record the bearing temperature rise when the middle or end of each shift. There should have clear text transfer record when shift change , records should be clear whether in the presence of mechanical failure or not.
  2. Check whether there is any loose of each parts regularly, is it suitable for the belt tightness.
  3. Check whether there is damages to the flexibleness sheet, if yes, please check it timely.
  4. Check the wear situation of the screen mesh during the operation of the vibrating screen machine, change it timely once the mesh screen were damaged to avoid affect the screening efficiency.
  5. Check the rubber spring timely if it is deformation or damage seriously, the spring in same end should be replaced together.
  6. Big maintain should be taken every year, all the  vibrating screen component should be removed to clean and change oil, check the bearing overall, change the bearing if there are flake corrosion, discoloration, roller bearing surface deformation phenomenon and maintains a loose on the bearing surface.

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Circular vibrating screen

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