Daily operation and maintenance of rotary screen

Gyratory screen is high precision standard fine screening machinery, which is mainly composed of screen box, driving device, sieve frame, support frame and vibration damping device. This screening equipment is compact in structure design and mainly used in chemical industry, food processing, refractories, building materials and other industries. Here are some notes for maintenance of rotary screen:

1.Check whether the fastener parts are loose, especially vibration motor.

2.During operation of gyratory screen, once found any normal noise, please immediately shut down for inspection.

3.After every use of gyratory screen, please stop machinery after confirmation of no material in the machinery, so as to avoid material deposition plug the screen.

4.Please regularly clean up the screen mesh, and check the tightness of screen mesh.

5.After about 200 hours’ operation, please lubricate bearing of vibrating motor with 1# calcium base grease.

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