circular vibrating screen

The Difference of The Screening Application With The Circular Vibrating Screen and Linear Vibrating Screen

Circular vibrating screen
do circular motion,which is a kind of multilayer,high efficiency new type of vibrating screen.Circular vibration screen are commonly use postures eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block to adjust the amplitude,material sieve drip line length,screening specifications,it is reliable in structure,strong exciting force,high screening efficiency,vibration noise is small,strong and durable,easy maintenance,use safety,etc.

circular vibrating screen


Linear vibrating screen is suitable for the size in 0.074-5mm,water content is less than 70%,non-viscous all kinds of dry powder material screening,the largest feed particle size is generally not greater than 10mm.This series of vibrating screens can also be liquid filtration screening operations,used in sewage treatment,it also can be used for larger particles of the pulverized coal class material screening,when making great material processing,the screen body thickness need to thicken,motor power need increase,change punching sieve plate as screen mesh,etc.Widely used in plastic,abrasive,chemical industry,medicine,building materials,food,carbon,fertilizer and other industries.

linear vibrating screen

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