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Different Types of Vibrating Screen Mesh

Vibrating screen mesh has different shapes and sizes, mainly square, rectangular and round in shapes. Different shapes of screen mesh has different characteristics which are tailored for different applications.

1. Square mesh: is a kind of braided screen mesh. The effective area of the screen plate is larger than rounded mesh but smaller than rectangular mesh.

square mesh2. Rectangular mesh: also a kind of braided screen mesh. It has larger effective screen plate and possess high screening efficiency. Usually, plate type material uses rectangular screen mesh. The advantage is that the screen mesh would not get blocked up easily. While the disadvantage is that it will results in non-uniform particle size due to sheet-kind material will sieve easily through the mesh of the vibrating screener. Actually, the productivity of the rectangular mesh is higher especially when dealing with high moisture content material as it reduces the clogging of screen surface. Though so, the strip and sheet kind material can sieve through the mesh easily which makes screening uneven.

rectangular mesh3. Rounded mesh: many perforated screen plate uses rounded screen mesh. It has smaller effective area, thus having a lower screening efficiency of the vibrator siever. Powdery material usually uses rounded mesh screen.

round screen mesh

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