Do you know how to choose vibrating screen?

In fact, the purchase of vibration screening machine needs to consider many factors, in order to allow everyone to buy more suitable machinery, here we will introduce you some factors which needs to be considered.

1.According to their own screening purposes, it’s very important to know whether adopting  fine screening or rough screening. If it is fine screening, you need to buy rotary vibration sieve, ultrasonic vibrating screen or gyratory screen; if it is rough screening, linear vibrating screen or mining vibrating screen can be good.

2.Adopt vibrating screen based on material properties. These properties include: density, shape, temperature, viscosity, particle size, activity, particle size distribution, with or without corrosion. According to your different materials, you need to buy different vibrating screen.

3.Requirements for screening capacity. Different type vibrating screen has different screening capacity. Please choose suitable machinery according to your needs.

4.Different working environment. The working environment of vibrating screen has a great influence on the screening operation, such as sealing of site, humidity, security or pollution and so on.

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