Do you know vibrating screen sealing ring?

In the screening process, sealing ring is an indispensable part in the vibrating screen. Different material can make different sealing ring which has different function. Choose right sealing ring can not only extend service life of it, but reduce the production cost.

1.Polyurethane sealing ring

Polyurethane sealing ring has features of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and so on, screening materials with the relevant characteristics can choose this kind of sealing ring. Because the polyurethane effect is better, so cost is correspondingly higher.

2.Rubber sealing ring

Rubber sealing ring is the most commonly used in vibration screen, because of its lower cost, stable performance, but if the screening material is corrosive, high temperature, oil and other characteristics, the rubber sealing ring is not applicable.

3.Silica gel sealing ring

Silicone sealing ring has relatively higher cost, because it has features of heat stability, adsorption performance, chemical stability, relatively high mechanical strength and so on.

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