Do you know why shell of motor in ultrasonic vibration screen is electrification  

During operation of ultrasonic vibration screen, there will be the phenomenon of vibrating motor has electrification. If we don’t value this problem, it may cause a greater accident. Today, we will tell you why shell of motor in ultrasonic vibration screen is electrification.

  1. The wire insulationis damaged when installing wire for vibrating motor in ultrasonic vibration sieve, the wear wire connects the shell, so it has electrification. Please inspect timely and replace the wire with insulation.
  2. The stator iron rubs with rotor core, causing iron overheating and resulting in wire connects with shell. So please make a good installation for stator and rotor core and prevent their friction.
  3. There are some objects in the slot of vibrating motor, such as iron debris and other debris, when the wire is embedded, these objects will damage the wire, so please clean up the debris timely.
  4. Vibration motor winding is affected with damp, causing insulation damaged, so please ensure that the motor has good ventilation to prevent the coil damp

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