Effect of Feeding Granule on Yield of Rotating Vibration Screen

Granularity characteristics mainly refers to the raw material contains various granular materials which has a particular significance on vibrating screen screening process. When all the particles in the material are of the same density, generally there is little effect on the sieving. However, when there are fine and coarse particles material and the density is different, the screening process is also different. If the coarse grain density is small and the fine grain density is large, it is easy to sieve. On the other hand, if the coarse grain density is large and the fine grain size density is small, the sieving is relatively difficult.

Raw material characteristics requirements on rotary vibrating screen: the external water content attached to the surface of material will have great effect on screening. While the internal water in the material will have little effect on screening. If the material contains a mixture which is   easily agglomerated (such as clay, etc.), even the moisture content is very small, the screening may also be difficult. When screening material with large moisture content, users can choose dewatering screen to sieve material.

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