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Effect of Temperature on Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen relies on the vibration generated by the vibrating motor to screen materials. Generally, temperature has certain effects on the working of vibrating screen.

Whenever the temperature is too high, it will decrease the service life of the vibrating screen, affecting the screening efficiency of the vibrating screener.

Vibration motor temperature refers to the actual heating temperature of each part of vibration motor. It has great effects on the vibration motor insulation, where high temperature can cause aging or damage on the insulation and shorten the service life of motor. Therefore, to protect the insulation from aging and damages, the temperature of each part of vibrating motor should be strictly controlled.

On the other hand, long time exposure of sunlight to the vibrating screen machine will lead to high temperature rise on the vibrating screen. This will add tolls to the vibrating screen parts especially the vibration motor. Attention should be paid on the temperature of working environment of vibrating screen, generally it should be not more than 40 degrees, to maintain a good working environment for the vibrator screen.

vibrating screen

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