stainless steel vibrating screen

Eight Maintenance Methods of Stainless Steel Vibrating Screen

stainless steel vibrating screen

Eight maintenance methods of stainless steel vibrating screen

Stainless steel equipment can be seen everywhere in our daily life,although is stainless steel,it’s doesn’t mean it will never rust,so is a stainless steel sieve,users should pay attention to its daily maintenance,cleaning,so as to ensure durable.

When cleaning stainless steel sieve must pay attention:

  1. To avoid the surface scratch;
  2. Avoid bleaching compositions and abrasive liquid detergent residue,after washing with plenty of water flushing;easy to clean dirt clean with soap or weak washing liquid can;
  3. Label,sticker on the stainless steel parts with warm water,weak detergent wash;
  4. Containing binder composition:clean with alcohol or ethyl ether,benzene and other organic solvents;
  5. To the place of the oil with a soft cloth with neutral or ammonia and other special cleaning solvent cleaning;
  6. On the surface of bleach and various kinds of acid to rinse with warm water,then use ammonia solution or neutral fizzy soda solution immersion,use neutral detergent or warm water washing;
  7. If you use too much detergent or oil,which can produce rainbow lines,it can be neutral detergent with warm water wash away;
  8. Stainless steel rust on the surface of the vibrating screen,available 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent washing or special medicine washing.

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