circular vibrating screen

Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining a Circular Vibrating Screen

It is always important to maintain machinery equipment as they are susceptible to haywire sometimes. So, maintaining a circular vibrating screen is the key to continual performance and long service life of the equipment. Here are some useful tips to guide you on maintaining a circular vibrating screen.

  1. Ensure the working environment of the circular vibrating sieve is always clean and safe.
  2. Both ends of the bearings on the motor equipment should be lubricated with anti-high temperature lubricating oil.
  3. Inspect the flange bolts on both sides of the motor frequently. Make sure the bolts are not loose.
  4. The circular vibrating screener should be maintained as follows every 6 months.

– Clean the motor and apply grease for all joints of the vibrating screen equipment.

– Make sure the surface of the screen mesh is free of abrasion, if abrasion occurs, maintain or replace it.

  1. The circular vibratory screen should be maintained as follows once a year.

–  Inspect the motor terminal box. Check the insulation between wires and clean it.

–  Apply lubricating oil on all parts of the joints of vibrating component.

–  After maintenance work, a trial run of the circular vibrating screen is necessary.

circular vibrating screen

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