Heavy duty vibrating screen

Explain in Detail the Structure And Working Principle of Heavy Duty Vibrating Screen and Linear Vibrating Screen

In the industry crusher and screening machine is a good partner,good cooperate in the gravel equipment place also has the existence of the screening machine,today it’s important analysis heavy duty vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen structure and working principle:

According to the analysis of the working principle of heavy duty vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen has a similar place,there are also differences between the two rotating purpose of the vibrating screen is mainly on the pulley of the eccentric shaft hole, while working to achieve the purpose of the centering.

Structurally,heavy duty vibrating screen the impact load capacity is more stronger, the coarser material sieving effect is better,which can be used as a crusher for broken before screening in advance or mud more large ore washing equipment.

Heavy duty vibrating screen

The structure of the linear vibrating screen is mainly composed of sieve body (steel plate),box-type vibrator,vibration damping device,etc.Power drive spindle,the spindle at the other end of the gear pair,the driven shaft to the opposite direction.In the middle of the driving shaft and driven shaft by the eccentricity of the same weight,when the vibrator work,two axes on the eccentric hammer of the phase angle is consistent,the centrifugal force in the Y direction on the way of component equal and opposite,so cancel each other out.And the inertial force in the X direction component lead sieve along the X direction.This box under the action of vibrator,only the linear motion of the X direction.General linear vibration direction choice for and screen surface into a 45° angle,so at the time of installation of linear vibrating sieve is usually horizontal installation.

Linear vibrating screen

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