circular vibrating screen

Factors Affecting Screening Efficiency of Vibrating Screen

When it comes to screening efficiency of a vibrating screen, it often relates with the production of the screening process. It is great to have high production of screened materials, but there are factors that could affect the screening efficiency. Check this out!

  1. Physical characteristics of materials

This includes composition sizes, shape of materials, moisture content and etc. If the particle size of materials are fine, the screening efficiency will be higher. Whilst if the moisture content of materials are too high, the screening efficiency will be affected. However, if the mesh size of vibrating screener is large, the factor of moisture content has less effect to the screening efficiency. Therefore, users can opt for larger mesh sizes when handling with materials of high moisture content.

  1. Properties of screening surface

Wider screen surface has a higher output rate while a longer screen has a greater working efficiency.

  1. Condition of production

Larger mesh size and smaller required screening efficiency will have a higher production rate in a vibrator siever. Therefore, it is important to feed material evenly in screening process.

circular vibrating screen

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