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Facts on Vibration Screen Coupling

Vibration screen coupling is very common in the mechanical transmission of a vibrating screen. The function of it is to connect two shafts coupling together when rotating and transfer torque when the machine is operating. As coupling is an important element, end users can opt for proper coupling according to their needs and requirements.

Sometimes, due to the installation or manufacturing defects, the two shaft connected cannot be centered, which occurs some degree of relative displacement. Therefore, users can adopt cross coupling to connect reducer and clutch. This kind of coupling can be made of 45# steel, where it’s working surface needs heat treatment to improve hardness.

Meanwhile, the sliding pair consists of half coupling and middle plate, where the drive shaft and the driven shaft should have the same angular velocity. If there are relative displacement between the two shafts, the middle plate will generate a large centrifugal force. This will enlarge the dynamic load and wear in the vibrating screen.

vibrating screen

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