vibrating screen,gyratory screen

Four Analysis Summary of Gyratory Screen Mesh Damaged Reasons

vibrating screen,gyratory screen

Gyratory screen also called fine sieve,stainless steel screen mesh belong to vulnerable in urea gyratory screen component,do not pay attention to maintenance of damage is better,at the time of changing gyratory screen mesh is important to note the following:

  1. Material:304 stainless steel material metal wire woven wire mesh,nickel content is high,the material 304 resistance to acid and alkali corrosion,sieve silk soft,which is not easy to break a long service life,ordinary 201 mesh,nickel content is not corrosion is easy to rust,hard material,easy to break,easy to rust,so choose 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel material.
  2. Work net no tension and no screen mesh with female net to produce bubbles and uneven tension screen mesh is the important reason for premature failure.
  3. Gyratory screener too much inventory at work,beyond the bearing capacity,change the normal mesh collapsing and also easy to damage to screen.
  4. Material is qualitative hardness is strong,belongs to the super hard material,material particle size and irregular structure at the same time,the wear of screen is bigger,this kind of situation is bad to avoid any damage to screen mesh,which can only try to improve the service life of the screen,first select the better mesh material such as 304 material is qualitative material,secondly mesh can choose the perforated plate is used as the screen mesh and it can be hierarchical screening, add two more screen,buffer net work of labor.

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