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The Four Major Maintenance Point of Gyratory Screen

Gyratory screen maintenance point:all kinds of gyratory vibrating screen is inseparable from the maintenance and repair,the goal is to make screen better work.First understand the comprehensive status of sieve,plane rotary screen equipment main vibration motor to work,vibration motor is the heart of the screening machine,how to maintain the sieve machine heart good work?

gyratory screen

  1. Organic heart, chassis, motor and bearing.
  2. The focus of the bearing and motor,vibration motor with different different,he is higher demands on bearing.
  3. Regularly to bearing oiling,which can not repair has been used to the bad,so the cost of the value of a is not very likely.
  4. Regularly check the motor fuses,long-term motor in vibration will lead worn to avoid short of burn out,as long as the plane rotary screen heart to maintain good screening machine is no problem.All aspects,of course,also want to do little maintenanceto ensure sieve machine work better.


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