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What are The Functions of Eccentric Block Adjustment in a Rotary Vibrating Screen

The eccentric block in a rotary vibrating screen plays an important part in the operation of a vibrating screen. It’s designed to be adjustable to meet different screening requirements. Today we will be focusing more on the functions of the eccentric block adjustment in a rotary vibrating screen.

The main functions of eccentric block adjustment in a rotary vibrating screener is to change the movement and residence time of the material on the screen cloth of vibrating screen to better screen the materials. This is vital to meet the screening requirement of the material, for instance, material distribution, hourly output, screening efficiency, and etc. The angle of the eccentric block can be adjusted to suit all kinds of screening requirements.

Besides that, there are features of added weight on the sides of the upper and lower eccentric blocks. This is to increase the output exciting force of rotary vibrating screen. The intensity of the exciting force can be adjusted according to the different screen deck layers and different proportion of materials. All in all, it is to increase the screening efficiency of the rotary vibrating screen equipment.

vibrating screen

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