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Guide for Purchasing a Superior Vibrating Screen

vibrating screen

When it comes to technical-economic indicator during screening, it refers to screening efficiency and production rate. The former one is quality index while the latter one is quantity index. Of course, they have certain relationship. These two factors with other elements decide the result of screening of vibrating screen.

The first thing to take note is the materials physical property. It includes size composition, water content and material shape and so on. If there are many small size materials, screening efficiency of the vibrating sifter will be higher. If water content is too high, it will affect working efficiency. But if mesh size is larger, water content factor has less influence. So generally end-users can adopt extend mesh size to improve output if there are many materials with more water content.

Screen surface property vibrating screen machine makes particles and screen surface do vertical movement, so it has high screening efficiency and production rate. For a certain material, the mesh size can determine work and output rate. Wider screen surface has higher output rate and longer mesh has greater working efficiency.

Production condition to a great degree also can be considered, peace rate of vibrating screen is determined by mesh size and total screening efficiency. Larger mesh size and smaller required screening efficiency will have higher production rate. Therefore, it’s a great significance to feed material evenly for screening process. Above mentioned three factors should be taken into consideration carefully, then you will be a professional buyer and purchase one superior vibrating screen.

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