Gyratory Vibrating Screen: Things to Note When Operating

Gyratory Vibrating Screen is a high standard screening equipment which is widely used in the food, mining, metallurgy and chemical industries. It is one of the highly demanding products in PK Machinery. Therefore, here we would like to share a couple of things to take note of when operating a gyratory vibrating screen.

  1. Before operating a gyratory screen, check the fastened part and the safe protection device of the machine.
  2. Run a trial test without load first for around 3-5 minutes. This is to check whether the rotation direction meets the requirement.
  3. Once the non-load test is normal, feed the materials into the vibrating screener.
  4. During the operation of gyratory vibratory screen, if there’s blockage, solve it timely.
  5. Check the uniformity of the material distribution on the screen mesh. If non-uniformity is found, stop the machine and adjust it.
  6. If abnormal noise or vibration occurs, stop the machine immediately and diagnose the problem.
  7. If the gyratory screen is operating in a production line together with other equipment, start up the downstream equipment first before proceeding to upstream equipment.


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