How to do if there is material mixing in rotary vibration sieve

1.Check the sealing degree of screen frame and screen. Generally,there is sealing strip between screen frame and screen before rotary vibration sieve left factory. However, most of the seal strips are made of rubber, so they will be deformation once they generate friction during operation of vibrating screen. Therefore, please check the sealing strip timely.

2.Broken screenmesh. Due todifferent materials, texture and standard of screen mesh will be different. However, due to the continuous operation of vibrating screen, it will cause screen mesh damage. So users should check the screen mesh and replace the damaged one timely.

Small excitation force. Small particles and large particles can not be completely graded. This situation is mostly caused by long time use of motor which lead to small excitation force. In this case, please timely replace a new one motor.

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