circular vibrating screen,Woven-screen-mesh

How to Effectively Prevent Mesh Clogging of Vibrating Screen

Mesh clogging is a commonly seen problem that occurs to vibrating screen, and could be caused by various reasons. Here PK machinery analyzes some effective ways to prevent vibrating screen mesh clogging.

  1. When the material particle size is relatively small and contains much argillaceous material, as well as the screening particle size is also small, and then the moisture is the decisive factor that affects the vibrating screen mesh plugging.
  2. When the material contains moisture more than 5% of it, the vibrating sifter surface and mesh should be specifically selected if the material needs process of drying.
  3. Wet screening should be adopted while the moisture containing is more than 8%.
  4. When the material contains much platy shaped particle, the way of material crushing and the particle size matching of different crushing ways should be considered to change.
  5. Reasonable adjustment of screen mesh tensioning is also an effective to prevent and reduce mesh clogging. For this purpose, the specific way is to install spring in the tensioning bolt of the vibrating screen equipment.

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circular vibrating screen,Woven-screen-mesh

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