Rotary vibrating screen

How to Ensure Electrical Safety in Vibrating Screen Operation?

Whatever we do or whoever we are, safety is always the most important thing. Following tips are what we should pay attention to on electrical safety while using a vibrating sieve.

  1. The electrical device should allow access only to those who have been trained and qualified.
  2. Before justified by the test program, we should always presume the circuit electrification in the vibrating screen.
  3. Prior to any inspection or maintenance, the vibrating screen should be powered off and be tagged with warning mark.
  4. Invalid and damaged Wire and cable components should be repaired or changed promptly.
  5. Before starting the vibrating screen equipment, the ground wire, the electrical motor plug and driving wire should all be inspected whether correctly and safely connected.
  6. Get a good understand of the ground and underground driving wire location, and pay special attention while working in these area.
  7. Make sure be familiar with all the main powering off switch.
  8. Unless you are sure that the electric is outage, otherwise please never carry out operation in rainy days, standing in water or damp platform.

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Rotary vibrating screen

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