Vibrating feeder

How to Install And Maintain a Vibrating Feeder?

A vibrating feeder, used for conveying kinds of materials functions to allow constant and stable feeding of materials. The vibrating feeder should be horizontally installed to prevent materials from backflow. For general kinds of material, the vibrating feeder can be installed down-dip 10, while for viscous material or material with high moisture, the vibrating feeder can be installed down-dip 15. Before test run, all the bolts needs to be tightened up, including the anchor bolt of the vibrating motor. For every 3 to 5 hours, retightening of the bolts is highly recommended.

During test run, the two vibrating motors must rotate in opposite direction with each other. If there’s any error, stop the vibrating feeder immediately and diagnose the problem. On the other hand, while operation is in process, the amplitude, current and temperature of the vibration motor should be checked regularly. The back and forth of the amplitude should be uniform, with no side vibration. If there’s any error, stop the feeder machine immediately and diagnose the problem.

For regular maintenance, lubrication of the vibration motor bearing is important to ensure smooth operation of the whole feeding machine. Molybdenum 2# grease is recommended to lubricate the vibrating bearings. Usually, the grease oil should be filled every 2 months, however for high temperature environment, it is recommended to fill it once a month. For better results, the internal bearings of the vibrator feeder should be changed every 6 months.

Vibrating feeder

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