How to install the vibrating screen mesh ?

1.The installation of blocky vibrating screen mesh
1.1 Blocky vibrating screen mesh is divided into 600 x 750, 400 x 750 and various specifications;
1.2 Vibrating screen plate is installed, the vibrating screen surface should be smooth, it’s can’t have rugged or askew phenomenon, vibrating screen plate pressure by bolts or Tanti-rotating block structure, the connection place of vibrating screen plate, backplate and the other part is use the nylon nut or high strength bolt to prevent-loosening.
1.3 All fixed vibrating screen plate bolts must be tightened, it’s can’t have loosening or nut tilt;
1.4 Vibrating screen plate is installed, all the vibrating screen surface should be Smooth ,where is no gap larger than the mesh of vibrating screen.

2.The installation of hook type vibrating screen mesh
1.1 The vibrating screen surface must be symmetrical, uniform tension, the connection place of vibrating screen surface requirements on tightly to prevent leakage of material;
1.2 Regularly check the vibrating screen surface tension level,and it’s can’t appear vibrating screen surface relaxation phenomenon;
1.3 In the case of vibrating screen surface bearing steel severe wear, we should be immediately repaired or replaced, in order to avoid the wear of bearing steel cause unnecessary damage to the vibrating screen surface.2.Hook type vibrating screen mesh

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