Linear vibrating screen

How to Installation and Maintenance The Vibrating Sieve?

Linear vibrating screen

To maintain high screening efficiency,feeding to average and continuous,vibrating screen extension to the feed rate should be moderate.This article will introduce the installation and maintenance  method for the vibrating sieve:

First before installation need to put the foundation and sieve installation drawing reference check,embedded steel plate flatness error ≤3mm.According to the vibrating sieve machine order from bottom to top for installation,every link after adjustment to the initial state of qualified and then on to the next link installation.

Second vibrating screen installed,adjust the relative position of the primary and secondary are in vertical state,the damping spring electric axis thoughts should be lower than vibrator axis 3-5 mm,then the motor bracket,spring base and embedded steel spot welding.Requires two motors to required instead,vibrator eccentric block in a uniform phase.Vibrating sieve equipment no-load running 4-6 hours to make sieve installation body smooth operation,no shaking with abnormal sound check the vibrating sieve plate,fastening situation of vibrator.

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