How to keep in good repair for circular vibrating screen

1.Please often maintain a cleaning working environment forcircular vibrating screen.

2.Bearings of circular vibrating screen should adopt lubrication oilwith high temperature resistance, lubricating once a week at the beginning, then monthly lubrication.

3.Always check whether flange flange bolts at both ends of the vibrator, the fixed bolts and pillar connecting bolts areloose.

4.When the vibrating screen operates half a year, please maintain it timely.

1)Clean the vibrator and add grease to each lubrication point.

2)Check the screen mesh wearand tear situation, please timely maintain it or replace if damaged.

5.When the vibrating screen is operated for one year, it must be repaired and replaced.

1)Open the junction box of vibration motor, please checkthe insulation situation and clean up dust.

2)Clean the vibrator and add grease to each lubrication point.

3)Check all parts of the vibrating screen to see the the situation of wear and tear, if damaged should be timely maintenance and replacement.

4)After all work is completed, please carry out test running.

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