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How to Lubricate Vibration Exciter of Vibrating Screen?

Following five tips should be noticed while lubricating vibration exciter of vibrating screen.

  1. The vibration exciter bearing adopts thin oil to lubricate which should be changed after 40 working hours for the first-time operation of the vibrating screen. From then on, the regular service interval is around 800 hours.
  2. The oil injection amount is decided according to the size of the vibration exciter. The lubricating oil is adequate when there is consistently small amount of lubricating oil drops out. Large amount of overflowing indicates too high of the oil level.
  3. It adopts 70# industrial gear oil when the circumstance temperature is lower than 5℃, and when the temperature is higher than 5℃, 90# industrial gear oil would be adopted.
  4. The trough between the sealing board and isolating ring of the vibration exciter should be injected with lubricating grease and then sealed. It should be fully injected with lubricating grease every one week.
  5. The vibration exciter bearing of the vibrating screen equipment should be disassembled and cleaned every year.

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vibrating exciter

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