How to maintain the common faults of vibrating screen in coal preparation plant ?

Dewatering-screenIn coal preparation plant vibrating screen are mainly two types of circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen,both is the important equipment in the production of coal washing,in the production of dense medium coal preparation and dehydrated medium.As vibrating screen under the condition of overloading,the production task is heavy and continuous operation for a long time,so it’s very prone to failure.Common failure forms are bearing overheating,vibrating screen beam fracture,flexible coupling belt is broken.In the daily maintenance of vibrating screen main attention should be paid to the following:

1.Periodically check the oil bearing,check whether the oil tank is unobstructed to ensure bearing can get sufficient lubrication.
2.Check the sealing condition of bearing and to prevent pollutants to the interior of the bearing.
3.The vibrator in overhaul,when install the bolt need to uniformly tighten,stress is basically identical.
4.At ordinary times need pay more attention to check the vibrating screen overall change,from the abnormal changes of sound,temperature,shape and so on timely to find problems.

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