How to make a selection for rotary vibrating screen

1.Size of working area:rotaryvibratingscreen is a circular screen, the screen surface area will affect screening output, so increase screening area will improve screening efficiency and yield.

2.Material characteristics: weather material hasgood fluidity and the shape of material.

3.Texture: screening different material will need different texture to produce rotary vibrating screen, such as food, salt, sugar and other food-related industries will require 304 stainless steel material. Generally, 304 stainless steel has good hardness, thickness and wear resistance, which will not affect the quality of screened material. If the material is chemical, metallurgical and other raw materials, you can choose Q235 to produce vibrating screen.

4.Screen mesh can be divided into stainless steel and carbon steel.

The shape and size of rotary vibration sieve should be confirmed based on actual application and on-site conditions in order to meet customer special requirements. Common types of rotary vibrating screen: XZS-800mm, XZS-1000mm, XZS-1200mm, XZS-1500mm, XZS-1800mm, etc.

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