How to Prolong The Service Life of a Trommel Screen?

A trommel screen, or called drum screen is used to separate and classify various materials by their particle size. Most trommel screen consists of a cylindrical drum where separation of material takes place. Basically, to prolong the service life of a trommel screen, there are a few maintenance tips to follow as shown in below:

  1. Conduct daily maintenance work for bearings and vent screens

Grease the bearings on the drum wheel shafts and thrust wheels of the trommel screen with a multipurpose bearing grease. Next, check the vent screen in each and every motor. If the vent screen are clogged, cleaned it frequently.

  1. Conduct weekly maintenance for wheel surface, gearbox, bolts

Remove any buildup of material in the drum screen weekly or whenever needed. Then, check the idler wheels surfaces for cracks or misalignment. The gearbox is also another important component that must be checked for leaks. Next, check the screen attachment bolts for tightness. Perform maintenance work for any faulty component.

  1. Conduct maintenance on the motor, shaft, oil every six months

Grease the fittings on each motor of the drum screen. This requires approximately two pumps with a hand held grease gun. Next, grease the cleaning brush bearings on each shaft (if there are) by using a multipurpose bearing grease. Then, change the gear box oil after the first 250 hours operation and every six months thereafter. It is recommended to use a 90wt. gear oil for a trommel screen.


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