How To Reduce Vibrating Screen Noise Pollution

Along with people improve their awareness to protect environment, they have attached importance to industrial noise pollution increasingly .Because of the principle of Vibrating Screen ,it’s inevitable to produce noise,but it’s also the problem we considered how to reduce vibrating screen noise pollution .

Vibration Sieve produces the resource of noise ,mostly due to vibration of main parts during operating ,such as bearing ,vibrator ,etc.

So ,how to reduce it ?

  • In the screen box structure design ,you should consider rigidity of side plate ,using proper rigidity to reduce vibration ,thus reducing low and mutually medium frequency noise wave .
  • In the condition of satisfying bearing life ,you should adopt smaller size ,higher rigidity bearing
  • You can use some rubber and plastic components, practice has proved ,during sieving particle material,rubber sieve plate is lower 10 decibel approximately than metal plate
  • Rubber spring ,producing lowest noise during operating ,you may give more consideration about rubber spring during designing Vibration Screen.

Vibrating Screen

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