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How to Select a Suitable Dewatering Screen?

Different dewatering screen has its special features for screening different materials in various conditions for kinds of requirement. In order to select a suitable one, following suggestion listed is for you reference.

  1. the property of the applying material;

Material property is the first factor to consider while selecting a dewatering screen including solid-liquid shape, particle size, humidity, viscosity, bulk specific weight and so on. Special properties such as high temperature, corrosion and static are also in the range of consideration.

  1. Your screening purpose;

This is mainly to see whether you want to classify, purification or for other purpose of screening.

  1. The requirement of processing capacity;
  2. The requirement of screening productivity;
  3. the continuous working requirement of dewatering screen;

Whether it is continuously long-time working or discontinuous working influences the model, texture and technical parameter selecting of the dewatering screen equipment.

  1. Whether there is any special in the production environment.

Circumstance factor such as whether it is damp, dry or dusty and so on also have impact on the dewatering  screen selection.

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dewatering screen

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