How to solve the problem of slow material discharging of rotary vibration screen

During operation of rotary vibration screen, we may meet the problem of slow material discharging, so do you know the reasons why this problem occurs? Please read the following passage:

1.Check whether the screen mesh and impurityremovalis in the same level or over height. Generally, screening different material will design different height of outlet.

2.During operation of rotary vibrating sieve, check whether the screen mesh or outlet is in a horizontal state which directly relates to screening effect. If it is not level, it is necessary to adjust timely.

3.In addition to above mentioned situations, the key point is that users can adjust the upper and lower angle of eccentric block of vibration motor, if the angle is smaller, it can make material spread out faster, and vice versa will let the material spread out slowly. Change the vibration motor eccentric block angle about 5 degrees, if you have strict requirements on the screening accuracy, the motor angle should not be too small, or material will spread out very fast which is bad for screening effect. Generally, the vibration motor angle is 45 °when it left factory.

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