How to solve the screening result of vibrating screen is bad?

The screening result of circular vibrating screen is bad the most common reason is screening angle is not enough, so need higher brackets. In the practical application in 20°inclination of sieve surface more appropriate, generally the range of circular vibrating screen angle for 16-20°,If the angle less than 16°, will occurs on the screen content materials not free or go scroll up phenomenon.

The screening result of linear vibrating screen is bad may be related to the movement direction of the eccentric block, because need 2 set of same quality of eccentric block to do self synchronous reverse rotation, in each of the instantaneous to produce a single along the direction of vibration, in the meantime with the horizontal direction into a fixed angle vibration force make the screen box do reciprocating linear motion. If not in the same phase, will cause vibration force direction and vibration direction don’t overlap and short of efficient screening effect.

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