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How to Solve Tripping Problems of Vibrating Screen

If who often use vibrating screen knows that,vibrating screen for some reason is often hitches in the working process of the trip occurs,don’t panic when met with trip of vibration screen need to slowly to find the reasons:

vibrating screen

Step 1: Check the air switch of vibrating screens and overcurrent protector if there is a capacity or with the phenomenon of aging,such as existence,may be this reason cause tripping,which need to repair or replace the air switch.

Step 2: Check the bearing of vibrating screen,vibration motor,check it if there is any case of damage,the phenomenon such as lack of lubricating oil,the problem caused by the increasing will lead to overload current trip.

Step 3: Check the equipment of cable whether there is a broken skin,leakage phenomenon.

Step 4: Check whether equipment power supply problems.

Step 5: Check aging or damage to the vibration screen equipment circuit breaker.

Step 6: The vibration motor magnetic circuit performance will cause too much electricity,cause tripping.


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