How to use ultrasonic vibrating screen for screening lead oxide?

rotary-vibrating-screenLead oxide is yellow or reddish yellow powder,slightly viscosity,which used as a pigment lead white,manufacturing lead soap,metallurgy help solvent paint drier,ceramic raw materials,rubber vulcanization,promoting agent,pesticides,lead salt stabilizer plastic raw materials,lead glass industrial raw materials,lead salt industry in the middle of the raw material.A small amount used as traditional Chinese medicine and used in the battery industry and also used in the manufacture of anti-radiation rubber products.

Lead oxide of screening using ordinary vibrating screen is small production and easy plugging, vibration tai machinery manufacturers suggest ultrasonic vibrating screen is used for screening,so we advise better use ultrasonic vibrating screen for screening,not only large output and high precision,ultrasonic vibrating screen mesh is 40 mesh to 200 mesh,lead oxide produced by high frequency ultrasonic vibrating screen power supply of electricity through the transducer converts the high frequency sine form longitudinal shock wave,the shock wave of the resonator is passed on to the resonator to produce resonance and the resonator vibration uniform transmission to the screen surface.Material on screen doing three dimensional vibration frequency at the same time,the ultrasonic vibration superposition can prevent the mesh plug,but also improve screening accuracy and production.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is in the lead oxide industry for screening has a very wide range of applications,screening of high precision ultrasonic vibrating screen is easy to adjust,screening yield is ordinary three dimensional vibrating screen 2-5 times.Ultrasonic vibrating screen has solved the strong adsorption,easy to reunite,electrostatic,high density,light weight and high sieving problem of material,especially used in high quality,fine powder of users.

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