How to Improve Screening Efficiency of Vibrating Screen

This is certainly the most frequently asked questions by our clients. So, here we would like to share some great tips! The following methods can improve the screening efficiency of a vibrating screen.

  1. First and foremost, for dry material screening, the moisture content in the material should be strictly controlled.
  2. To reduce plugged hole in vibrating screener, use the self-cleaning sieve plate or adding bouncing balls below screen mesh.
  3. Improve the percentage of aperture. High aperture percentage is better in improving screening effect.
  4. Adjust the feeding method of materials. Materials can be fed according to the sieve surface width and ensure the sieve surface is fully utilized.
  5. Adjust the dip angle of the vibrating screen machine. The right angle of the machine will achieve a better coverage of material screening.
  6. Adjust the weight balance of materials to improve screening efficiency of materials.


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