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In Summer the Maintenance Strategy of Mining Machinery

Mining machinery belongs to large equipment,buy new equipment and frequent replacement parts consumes a lot of money,and affect the enterprise production progress,therefore,how to correct the mining machinery equipment maintenance and maintenance,so as to prolong the service life of equipment is very important.Under the high temperature weather in the summer,should adopt the method of combination of forced cooling,natural cooling increase integrity rate of the equipment running at high temperatures.

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 Mining machine if long time work at high temperature,oil lubrication performance of the system may become worse,perishable,the chassis of the transmission system such as easy to wear,at the same time on the exterior paint layer,brake system,clutch,throttle control system and metal structure.So,for the work of high temperature area of mining machinery should be appropriate to improve the oil viscosity grade,at the same time check whether the cooling system,fuel system and replace the aging wires,plugs,tubing,screws,fastening fuel line to prevent fuel leakage.Clean the engine body oil,dust,ensure that the engine “traveling light”,good heat dissipation.

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  Mining equipment is in a state of downtime or working condition,will try to put the device in a cool place,avoid long time exposure in the sun.Want to random equipped with 1 or 2 fire extinguisher,at the same time to provide against any misfortune.

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Proper maintenance and maintenance is the precondition of extending the service life of the mining machinery equipment,It’s not difficult to mining machinery summer maintenance,mastered the above points the same can be easy.

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