Drink rotatory vibrating screen

The Installation Considerations of Drink Rotatory Vibrating Screen

Drink rotatory vibrating screen before installation:
1.Check the beverage spin vibration sieve machine sign is in compliance with its requirements.
2.Measured with 500v megohmmeter beverage spin vibration sieve insulation resistance,its value for the stator winding dry processing,drying temperature should not exceed 120℃.
3.Check the beverage spin vibration sieve machine fasteners,beware loose.
4.Check the beverage spin vibration sieve surface is damaged,deformation of motor.
5.Check whether beverage spin vibration sieve flexible rotation,if there is abnormal,should be ruled out.
6.Check the beverage power source of the vibration sieve,if lack of phase and no-load operation for 5 minutes.


Drink rotatory vibrating screen

Drink rotatory vibration sieve installation and adjustment:
1.Drink spin vibration sieve machine should tighten on the installation,the installation surface must be smooth,level off.
2.Beverage spin vibration sieve machine can be installed horizontally.
3.Beverage spin vibration sieve machine adopts four lead core rubber cable YZ-500V, connect power lead wire cable is not allowed to have kink,with vibration and reliable fixation.
4.Beverage spin vibration sieve machine should be reliable grounding,motor with grounding device, pins have logo,which also can use foot solid grounding bolt.
5.The adjustment of vibration force.

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