Installation Instruction of Vibration Exciter on Vibrating Screen

Vibration exciter is plays an important role in the operation of vibrating screen, so we should pay special attention to its installation. Following are several list of installation instruction.

  1. Each component should be installed after cleanly wash up by gasoline, and should not be knocked hardly on.
  2. Each component of the vibrating screen should be installed in the place it ought to be. Make sure the original complete set of bearing use without changing with each other.
  3. Before installing the vibration exciter bearing, adequate amount of lubricating grease should be added into it. (the grease accounts for about 1/3-2/3 )
  4. If there is punching mark on the eccentric block and the platen, then they should be installed aligning according to the mark.
  5. The thickness and number of eccentric block and balanced board added to each place should be same.
  6. The universal spindle coupling and the bilateral vibration exciter must be concentric.
  7. If the vibrating screen equipment is not installed and put into use until a year or more after its arrival, bearing of vibration exciter should be cleaned and lubricated anew.

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