Linear vibrating screen

Linear Vibrating Screen Industry How to Further Emancipate The Mind

In recent years,China’s economy has obtained the development which progresses by leaps and bounds,engineering machinery manufacturing industry has played a key role,especially the mining mechanical vibrating screen. PK machinery keep up with the trend of the times “emancipating the mind”,which to adapt to the new changes of global economic development and the transfer of global industry trends.Vibrating screen industry how to further emancipate the mind?

 Linear vibrating screen

First:in such a competitive today,we will vigorously support private vibration screen manufacturing enterprises,the limit of state-owned enterprises in the relationship between field development of national economy and people’s livelihood to encourage private enterprises vigorously widely participate in the competition in the industry.

Second:under the influence of the global financial crisis brought a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises,make its economy suffered serious losses or even bankruptcy.At this point,in terms of financial environment to give private manufacturing more convenient.In the have a certain economic strength to produce more technical content of the linear vibrating screen,overcome the impact of the financial crisis.

Third:private vibrating screen manufacturers to increasing scientific and technological innovation. Research takes a lot of input,but no scientific research strength,no competition,because product upgrading is the norm of enterprises.Vibrating screen manufacturing enterprises must have a strong research and development team,which to go in the front of the industry upgrading.



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