eccentric shaft

Lubricating Oil vs Lubricating Grease for Vibrating Screen

A vibrating screen functions to screen materials through the rotation of eccentric shaft with connecting rods pushing the screener machine to move in reciprocating motion along a direction. Therefore, the eccentric shaft of a vibrating screen is extremely important which needs to be maintained regularly. So here are some great tips on how to select a lubricating oil for the maintenance of eccentric shaft.

     Basically, different lubricating oil suits different vibrating machine. Due to the different lubricating properties, there is a difference in terms of performance, therefore the selection of lubricating oil or grease is important.

     The common lubricating greases are Albany grease, sodium soap grease, calcium-sodium base grease, lithium lubricating grease, aluminium base grease, molybdenum disulfide lithium-based grease and so on. Lubricating grease consists of base oil, thickener and addictive which has long lubrication effect on eccentric axis. The volume of lubricating grease in eccentric axis should be added to one half or one third in the inner section of axis. Bear in mind that when the axis is running at high speed, reduce the lubricating grease to one third to avoid machine damage.

     Generally, it is better to use lubricating oil instead of grease when the eccentric axis is running at high speed and temperature. Lubricating oil has properties that can reduce the heat and noise of vibrating screener. The common lubricating oil is machine oil, cylinder oil, high speed machine oil, compressor oil, transformer oil, steam turbine oil and so on. Therefore, when selecting lubricating oils, the viscosity is an important feature which should be controlled at 12cst-15cst. The higher the speed of eccentric axis, the lower the viscosity of lubricating oil will become. Thus it is better to use high viscosity lubricating oil when working with heavy loads.

eccentric shaft

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